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Nigeria to Canada Toronto rate Minimum of 10kg 

Rates sheet:

(1) Freight = N3,550 per kg Nigeria to Canada: N3,550 per kg

(2) Clearance  = $3.50 per kg in Canada. $40 for the first (10kg – 50kg) pickup from our location in Montreal, Quebec or Oshawa Ontario. The clearing charges for kgs larger than 10kg is determined based on the kg

(3) Delivery = 7-14 Business Days Delivery

a) Poultry items

b) Maggi chicken or chicken products

c) Any form of medications or Medicine

d) Dried leaf or packaged leaves

e) Perfumes or fragrances, body mists etc.

f) Milk and Milk products in these forms (cream, skim milk, butter oil, and so on): dried, frozen, reconstituted, or fresh. Dairy products like powdered milk.

g) Herbal drinks popularly referred to as Agbo

h) Ponmo, kilishi or any form of meat. Cuts of meat and edible offal, including livers, of fowls of the species chilled or frozen

i) Creams and liquid products 

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