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Agree to our terms & conditions

Canada Toronto 🇨🇦 to Nigeria 🇳🇬 rate Minimum of 5kg (if your package is less than 5kg it’s charged as 5kg)

We ship at $14.50 per kg and charge a $20 admin fee valid for 40 days for as many transactions within the period. Once payment for $20 admin fees is made send us details and we can begin processing your request. Interac transfers via the email: [email protected] 

Applicable charges for special items 

  • Phones – $70 CAD each Used phones $40 CAD each 
  • Tablets – $90 CAD each
  • Laptops -$140 CAD each
  • Perfumes shipping $45 per bottle of perfume
  • PS5 PlayStation 5 Console – PlayStation 5 Edition $260 per unit 

For within Canada shipments based on your province we can arrange a pickup from your location. We currently have pick up or drop-off locations in Edmonton (Alberta), Montreal (Quebec), Oshawa (Ontario), Burnaby Vancouver (British Columbia)

For a pickup from your location, We would advise you send via Canada post to our locations we will share addresses based on province 

You can also make a booking and pick up service on and pick the best option for you to ship to our address as listed below  

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